New Beginnings

I started this site with the intent on being able to process things about learning, thinking, and self-discovery that didn’t fit into the the regular ebb and flow of the discourse on public education. To be fair, I am a public educator, but I really don’t want to talk about public education, because that subject is being beaten to death and I think it misses a greater point. Education is not about schools or buildings, it is about the discovery that flows from wonder and hope. We wonder about the world around us, we seek to acquire the skills to make our mark in in it, and we hope that the fruits of our labors will bring about positive change in our own little sphere. The pandemic has been tough, I won’t be naive or callous enough to sit and claim anything different. People died, people experienced vast irreparable harm in multiple areas of their lives. Our systems were stretched to the brink. Some bent, others broke completely. Public education is one of those systems where the jury is still out and hope springs eternal, but it’s not looking good. The challenges are mounting faster than the will to meet them can be mustered, and there is a significant portion of the population that has a political and financial incentive to seeing the whole thing done in. In the midst of this, however, I was buoyed because I found time to think, time to take stock, and time to seek new pathways. Those new pathways have been enlightening, and that is what I am looking to focus on with this space going forward. Not every writing will be for everyone. Sometimes they may only be for me, but for this educator to really and truly have hope that there is something greater to be garnered from all of this, I have to go back to the two things that have always been there for me, learning things and talking about it. I hope you can enjoy the journey with me.

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